Hi, I'm JZ. I'm a Developer³


What I Do

Problem Solving Extraodinaire

Web App Development

Ruby/Rails, Tailwind, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and counting. What can I help you build?

Business Development

Sales and Business consulting. Process development, Cold outreach, management. I’ll help you close more sales or close them for you.

Product Development

Designing, manufacturing, launching. Are you ready to launch your creation?


What is DeFi? An NFT is just a jpeg right? Why are there so many different currencies? What problems do they solve? How can it help my business? All questions I can answer.


A few nice words.

JZ is a wonderful partner to work with. His insights are invaluable, and whenever I need help looking a project from a new point of view, he always brings a fresh eye and new ideas. I know whenever I need help, he'll be ready to assist.

Sean Salazar's photo DaKari Williams | Brand Factory

I love his enthusiasm and his communication!

Aubrey Hoover's photo Paula Najas | Wheelhouse.io

Known him his whole life. I've never seen anyone so obsessive when it comes to problem solving. (I'm worried he may invent a time machine and mess with the time continuum). 10/10 would do it all over again.

Deegan Wallace's photo Mom | JZ Inc.