I love to create and to problem solve. The silver power ranger? That was my idea. I’m not saying they stole my crayon drawing, but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere.

I have been daydreaming and inventing since I was a baby. My 1st words were “I got an idea, daddy-o”. I’m not sure why they let me listen to Jazz at such a young age.

Software, board games, physical products, jokes, maybe a baby.

I love that we can create something and make an impact. To have an idea or a thought in the morning and have a version of it by the evening. Then it’s on the internet, a legacy (hopefully) forever.

Create Everyday Framework:

  1. 2 minute rule. If it takes less than 2 minutes. Do it now.

  2. 10 minute rule. Do at least ten minutes of something. Make it the smallest part possible to build momentum.

  3. Don’t break the chain. Do these everyday and get a streak going.